Management Coaching

As a manager you encounter specific (psychological) themes, issues and personal challenges like: inspiring, influencing and getting others involved, dealing with conflicts,  making use of your talents and that of others. These themes and challenges involve knowledge and skills that may not have been a subject of your study or professional development so far. With management coaching you can develop these skills efficiently,  building upon your values, talents and personal style.

Outcome of management coaching:

  • more personal effectiveness in achieving your goals
  • more impact
  • effectively dealing with conflict situations
  • improvement of your personal influence and motivational skills
  • taking the right role in the team
  • better balance between work and private life
  • employees performing at their best
  • more energy and personal empowerment

Life coaching

In your life you have to deal with uncertainty, changing circumstances and demands, negative feelings and sometimes stressful situations. You may wish to look for more insight and learn more effective ways of coping with these circumstances, demands and challenges. Maybe you want to get more out of yourself, become more successful in certain situations or be able to face bigger challenges. Then Mycoaching is just the right thing for you. Personal and solution-focused coaching can help you to clarify your current situation (patterns and emotional reactions), solve issues that prevent you to achieve desired goals and learn and develop more effective ways to consistently cope with these kind of challenges.

Outcomes of personal coaching:

  • improved ability to cope with uncertainty, changes and stressful situations
  • improved self-confidence and self-awareness
  • experience more energy and happiness
  • improved quality of relationships with loved ones
  • making better deliberate choices
  • improved ability to effectively deal with conflict situations

Performance- and Career coaching

Performance improvement coaching

  • You want to perform. Your love your work, but your private life is also important. It seems impossible, but it is indeed feasible to achieve stress-free productivity.
  • You want to perform well in your current job and deliver on time, but this becomes a challenge because of “extra tasks or new project team work”. In other words “more work in less time”.

Performance improvement coaching will help you improve the balance in your workflow and still get great results. You will develop skills that help you keep an overview, better check your workflow and spend your working time as productively as possible. In our coaching you determine the goal and small steps that will lead you to that goal. You explore and experiment with new working methods, behaviors and / or skills along the way.

Typical outcomes of performance improvement coaching:

  • More control and self-confidence
  • Working more effectively and productively with more peace of mind
  • Less stress and more enthusiasm in your work

Career development

Isn’t your current role not really matching your expectations and are other roles more suited to your talents? How do you ensure that you are allowed to do those tasks so that you can further develop in that direction?

Based on reflection and insights obtained from a talent scan, personality questionnaire and personal values analysis, you determine realistic development goals. In Mycoaching you discover what your talents are and learn to show them within and outside the organization.

Outcomes of career coaching:

  • better understanding of your talents, motivations, values and ambitions
  • a specific personal development plan
  • well-considered career choices
  • taking the right role in the team


Approach and working method

My  aim is to work together with you to build a trustworthy partnership that helps you understand how you can achieve the changes you want to realise. I challenge your thinking and assumptions. Using different theories, models and tools, I help you gain valuable new perspectives and insights. A typical coaching partnership consists of six to eight one and half or two-hour sessions and lasts anywhere between four and eight months.

The partnership covers the following elements:

  • An intake interview: I first conduct an intake interview to better understand your questions, wishes and goals. This ensures I 0understand your individual context and goals. It also works as a ‘chemistry check’, ensuring trust and rapport can develop.
  • Setting objectives: This includes both short-term and longer term goals. If applicable, your manager will be included in this goal-setting meeting – and at the end of the coaching partnership, your manager will also attend a feedback session.
  • Series of coaching sessions: Most clients opt for a series of six coaching sessions. However, this can be adjusted to meet your individual requirements.
  • Ongoing feedback and evaluation: This ensures the coaching partnership stays on course and continues to be effective. The idea is to ensure sustained change long after coaching has ended.
  • Ongoing support: Throughout the coaching partnership, phone and email support are offered as often as you need.