Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching

Leadership is expressed in the way in which someone is aware of his or her values, beliefs, goals, talents and the ability to influence the world around him or her. Leadership is not something that only applies to people who have a formal leadership position.

There are no “born leaders”. Leadership consists of competencies that you can learn through training, coaching and a lot of applying and doing.

My goal is to support people to develop their leadership competencies, to live their lives with greater clarity, passion and fulfillment, to get the best out of them and thereby have a positive impact on the world around them (family, organization, society).


During the first meeting we will explore your question, individual context, ambition. wishes and the goals of your coaching process. After our first session you start with the desired change. I challenge your assumptions and beliefs; show you new perspectives, let you gain insights and explore options.

Solution-oriented Coaching is based on your strengths and possibilities. You know best what is good for you and what works for you. By experimenting and sharpening your own solutions, you can achieve desired goals in small steps, continuously learning. A process takes as long as it is valuable to you. Usually, 6 to 10 one-hour sessions are sufficient, in person or online (video call).

Continuous support and evaluation: During the coaching process I support you by e-mail or Whatsapp when you need it. We evaluate the effect of the coaching after some sessions and at the end of the coaching journey.

Adrienne Madsen, Organisational psychologist and Coach | Dutch