Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

As a professional or manager, you encounter many challenges in the workplace in terms of personal effectiveness, communication, social and interpersonal skills. Think of inspiring, motivating and influencing others; dealing with conflicts, using your talents and those of others or increasing your personal strengths. These are all matters that require certain knowledge and skills that usually have not been part of the curriculum of your studies and professional development. With the help of leadership coaching you become more aware of the effect of your own behavior and the effect of other – more effective – communication and influencing styles. From “consciously incompetent” you focus on developing your competencies in this area, in a way that suits you. Matching your values, motivations, talents and personal style.

As a results you:
  • develop a clear vision of your leadership competencies,
  • learn to Inspire and motivate others,
  • display consistent and effective behavior as a leader,
  • switching smoothly between paradoxical leadership styles,
  • improve your energy level and personal strength,
  • increase your job satisfaction and resilience,
  • learn to deal effectively with uncertainty and complexity, guiding others in these circumstances.
  • and more...

Would you like to get started with your challenge or problem?

Then start with the first two questions of the GROWTH model, a structured approach that is very successful in leadership coaching.What goals do you want to achieve?What happens in the current situation? Where do you stand with regard to your goals?

The GROWTH model is a more extensive version of the well-known GROW model that J. Whitmore presented in his 2002 publication on “Coaching for performance: growing people, performance and purpose”.

Adrienne Madsen, Organisational psychologist and Coach | Dutch