Lean & Agile Coaching

Lean & Agile Coaching

What would you like to improve or achieve?

Maybe you work in an organization that applies the Lean and Agile management philosophy, principles and tools. This requires a different kind of leadership than you are used to. You wonder how you would fill in your role within this context. How do you ensure that team members keep the daily or weekly startup meeting, follow the standard procedures, communicate transparently, make improvement proposals and evaluate the last improvement step. With Lean & Agile leadership coaching you increase your insight into your current situation and management style and the effect of Lean & Agile leadership principles and competencies. Based on these insights, you determine change goals and then work in a targeted and small step-by-step process to develop new skills and behaviors. The coaching can be combined with short training sessions on different Lean and Agile principles, instruments and “routines” to further develop and broaden your theoretical knowledge.

Outcomes of Lean & Agile Leadership Coaching:
  • More impact as a Lean & Agile leader
  • Improved ability to use different Lean & Agile ways of working and methods
  • A better understanding and application of the routine of continuous improvement
  • Getting more effective and inspiring daily or weekly standup meetings
  • Succesful scrum-, sprint- and retrospective meetings

Approach and working method

During the first meeting we explore your question, individual context, ambition and wishes. Then we investigate the current situation, possibly with other colleagues involved, by attending a sprint- or other meetings and spending some time on the workfloor. Based on the insights we gain from this, you then determine your first change goal.

Coaching can take place in the work situation, following your own activities. Attending a number of meetings such as a sprint-, team- or retrospective meeting are part of the coaching.

Solution-oriented coaching is based on your strength and possibilities. You know best what works for you. I challenge your assumptions and beliefs; show you new perspectives, let you gain insights and explore options. By experimenting with your own solutions, you can achieve desired goals in small steps, continuously reflecting and learning. A coaching journey takes as long as it is valuable to you. Usually, 8 to 12 hourly sessions are enough, live or by video calls.

Continuous support and evaluation: During the coaching process I support you by e-mail or whatsapp when you need it. We evaluate the effect of the coaching after some sessions and at the end.

Adrienne Madsen, Organisational psychologist and Coach | Dutch